Cosmic Hard Water Conditioner’s Features & Advantages


  • The ability of minerals to scale and stick anywhere is significantly reduced
  • Lowers the surface tension of water molecules due to micro clustering of the water
  • The white flaky build-up is eliminated and it can be easily wiped out
  • The texture of the water is improved to silky smooth without the usage of salt or any other chemicals. The unit works on inlet water pressure
  • No running cost, maintenance-free, long life, no need for electricity. Just fit and forget after an easy installation
  • Reduces hair fall due to hard water, improves skin health and moisture
  • Calcium and magnesium are retained. Treated water gives better lather with soap and shampoo
  • Due to de-gasification, the taste of water improves significantly
  •  Available in 100Lph to 1,00,000Lph which can fulfill the requirements of Domestic, Industrial, and Agriculture needs of soft water


  • Reduces hair fall that is caused due to hard water
  • Improves skin health and skin moisture
  • Balances pH; controls bacteria and algae
  • Extends life and efficiency of all home appliances and water system
  • Increases cloth softness reduces the detergent requirement