Cosmic Hard Conditioner Water Softener Installation

A cosmic hard water softener is a one-stop and long-term solution for all your agriculture, commercial & residential needs. With easy & quick installation which is a matter of a few minutes; the system is ready for use within no time after installation. The best part is that Cosmic hard water softener can be a part of your main water line and its installation can be done by any regular plumber; although you do have the option of getting it installed through our experts. 

Suggested use of Cosmic Conditioner or Hard Water Softener

  • If your home design contains a bore well that pumps water to the overhead tank, then it is advisable to install the unit at the sump of the overhead tank. If by any means your water tank doesn't have a sump then it can directly be installed between the bore and the overhead tank.
  • The installation of a Cosmic hard water softener can be done either on the pump outlet or at the tank inlet. It all depends on the flow of water. 
  • There are different aspects to installing this cost-effective hard ward softener in your homes. If the hard water damage is on a large scale then you can have units installed in each bathroom & kitchen. However, if the damage is not big then you can have it installed in your main supply water line for soft water in the whole house. 
  • People living in apartments can either install a unit in their main line that supplies water or a single unit for each bathroom & kitchen separately can be installed.  

Step by step installation procedure of Cosmic Hard Conditioner Water Softener

  • Step 1: Locating the position for the installation of Cosmic Hard Water Conditioner
  • Step 2: Marking the length of the Cosmic Hard Water Conditioner
  • Step 3: Cut down to remove the measured length from the existing pipeline
  • Step 4: Slowly insert the Cosmic Hard Water Conditioner after cutting the main water supply
  • Step 5: Get soft water instantly, smoothly, and naturally 

Product Requirement Calculation (1000 LPH)

Individual House

For 2-6 Members X 1 No

For 7-20 Members X 2 Nos

For an Apartment

4-6 Flats - 2 to 3 No's

7-12 Flats- 3 to 4 No's

13-25 Flats - 4 to 6 No's

26 and above every 8 flats need 1 no of 1.25"

Every 2 to 3 No's Water conditioner requires 1 No of 2 Inch Pre Filter