Cosmic water conditioner v/s with other solution

A cosmic water conditioner is not just a magnetic conditioner or just a water structuring unit, it is a result of 2 in 1 patented technology which is not available in any other products in the market.
It is a water structuring device that is coupled with a magnetic conditioner. This two-in-one technology gives superior results in treating hard water. Water structuring technology divides the water molecules physically into nano molecules and it thus removes the sticking ability. Owing to the sharp edges of molecules and highly focused static powerful magnetic field; the water molecules are polarized and they repel each other. Thus the hard water is treated and transformed into soft water.

  • No need for any maintenance.
  • Fit and forget product. You need not spend a single rupee in its lifetime and it will work for a very long period.
  • It is much economical compared with any other similar product.
  • The concept of our water softener is based on nature’s way to keep water healthy. It is very similar to how water is treated in a river.

Comparison with other technology products

  • The competitive electromagnetic unit is also a good technique to treat water but it lacks the potency of our water structuring technology. Moreover, since it depends on electronics and electrical setup, it certainly may need maintenance or parts replacement which is a cumbersome and expensive alternative.
  • The water structuring device has a simple technique as it divides water molecules but after some time again all divided molecules restructure to their original position as there is no magnetic technology available to cause water molecules to repel each other.
  • A resin-based water softener is one of the old and proven technology. It is based on chemical treatment to treat the hard water. The problem is that it removes essential calcium and magnesium minerals from the water and replaces them with sodium, which is not good for our body in the long run. This technology also needs heavy and regular maintenance and replacement of components.