Water Conditioner for Residential Use

Cosmic Water Conditioner

The health of the human body is directly dependent on the quality of water that is consumed. Hard water is bad for the human body and we should consume water that is soft and has all the essential minerals and trace elements intact. Healthy water means soft water has minerals and trace elements. The traditional water softener removes many important minerals and traces elements during the process of making the hard water soft.
A cosmic water softener is your partner in good health as it makes hard water soft without adversely affecting the minerals and trace elements in the water. All the goodness of water is retained with cosmic water softener, thus supporting the objective of keeping the body healthy.

The hard water not just affects the human body, but also the appliances and water system like pipes, showers, taps, etc. Scaling of all these components of a water system with hard water is not just irritating but also is an added expense as the life of the equipment in the water carrying system is reduced. Regular cleaning and maintenance of equipment owing to the hard water also add up to your expense, wasting your hard-earned money on avoidable things.
The Cosmic Hard water softener converts the hard water into perfect soft water by removing the minerals responsible for its hardness, thus helping you have good health and saving your water fixtures and equipment. 


Benefits offered by Cosmic water softener

  • Improves the taste of water
  • May prevent the development of kidney stones that are formed due to hard water
  • Better health: Keep's body organs, hair, and skin healthy
  • Safe for clothes: Cleaner & brighter fabrics as they won't fade before time
  • Saves water: Cleaner dishes & less cleaning time saves water
  • Increases lifespan of electronic and other appliances 
  • Removal of limescale 
  • Maintains water pressure as it prevents water scaling and clogging of pipes
  • Eliminates watermarks on things. 
  • Saves money: Your appliances, plumbing system, etc needs minimum maintenance leading to cost savings






Variety of cosmic water softeners that suit your need

Whole House – Your entire water used in the house can be made soft by using our water softener system designed to treat the entire water that is being used in the household. Your entire home and family benefit from the goodness of soft water. 

Home Appliances – You have the option of installing water softener at specific places like the kitchen, bathroom, washing area, etc. 

Shower – We also install special water softeners for water used for bathing.