Commercial & Industrial Water Softener Systems

Cosmic hard water softener - A right solution for all your commercial and Industrial hard water problems.

Our water softener designed for commercial water usage is a complete and integrated engineered system that provides the finest quality soft water that is suited for all industrial and commercial usage. Irrespective of the size of the premises or industrial unit, we provide water softeners that are of the right specifications. The water system, usage of water, liters of water to be treated, etc. are all taken into account when we design a customized water softener for you













Hard water causes deposits on surfaces of the equipment which is quite a common problem faced in industrial & commercial workspaces. Hard water when constantly interweaved with equipment creates scaling. This increase in build-up of hard water scales leads to failure of equipment or reduction in efficiency of the equipment and water system. Some of the problems caused due to hard water are:

- Fouling cooling towers: This is a build-up of deposits on the heat exchange surfaces which can degrade heat exchange performance.
- Clogging & blockage in pipes, etc.

Our customized water softener converts the hard water into soft water thus preventing the scale build-up and avoiding damage to equipment and water systems through which water flows.

Cosmic Commercial Hard Water Softener helps your industrial output indirectly:

  • Helps in reducing the operating costs
  • Improves performance of equipment & enhances their efficiency, thus saving you costly electricity bills.
  • Prevents deposits & scaling in pipes and appliances, increasing their life span which again leads to a great saving of costs.

Benefits of Using Cosmic Hard Water Conditioner at Commercial & Industrial Places

  • Improved water taste 
  • Improves health and prevents damage to organs and tissues
  • Increases efficiency of appliances leading to saving of energy or fuel costs
  • Prevents build-up of minerals and scaling
  • Extends life and service intervals of appliances
  • Negligible maintenance needed