Water Softener for Agriculture & Farming

Agriculture Water Softener that resolves the complex hard water trouble that arises while saturating crops commonly faced by farmers & Agriculturers.

Hard Water & Its Effect on Farming

Quality aspects in farming give birth to quality crops eventually turning farmers' hardship into success with maximum sales. Many times crops are unknowingly fed with hard water which halts the growth of roots and makes it strenuous for crops to absorb minerals. Water is supreme for irrigation but hard water is a common problem among agriculturers from all over the world. Hard water consists of high-grade magnesium & calcium salts. They affect pipes, soils, and other equipment that uses water for the complete process in due course impacting the plant growth. 

The hard water generates hard minerals in the soils eventually keeping crops from growing & reaching their true potential. With the common & only water source available in the respective area, farmers are left with no other option but to use the low-quality water for the irrigation process. The only option left is the use of a Cosmic hard water softener especially made for agriculture. With the top quality cosmic hard water conditioner, farmers can use substandard water as the system includes the required & favorable minerals by plants for the proper development of the crops.  


Effect of Hard Water on Irrigation, Pipes & Farm Equipment

Hard Water consists of salinity which is the concentration of all soluble salts in water or soil. Left untouched, the salinity in water affects the ability of plants to further absorb the water & damage the soil structure. This hard water when treated by Cosmic hard water conditioners the surface tension of the water lowers significantly to provide support to plants to easily absorb water & minerals & grow faster. Hard Water causes complications in pipes & irrigation systems by creating scale buildup. If left untreated this buildup ultimately starts clogging pipes, drippers, and other respective equipment used for farming.

Cosmic water softener for Agriculture

Hard water affects all living beings adversely and thus hard water affects the health of agricultural plants too. Not only that, but the hard water flowing through various irrigation systems like drip irrigation, hydroponic systems, etc. causes a build-up of scales and damages the equipment.   Thus, hard water hits the agricultural produce hard and increases the cost of agricultural produce by damaging the irrigation equipment.
Our hard water conditioners or water softener systems that are custom-built for the applications make the water soft leading to an improvement in the quality of water. While developing the water softener for irrigation purposes, we take into account the following things:

- Flow rate and piping systems
- Type of irrigation system

The big two benefits derived by using cosmic water softener systems are:
- Healthier and bulkier agricultural produce
- Rapid developing crops
- Better soil quality for generations
- Lowering the water surface tension for the easy mingling of minerals, nutrients & added fertilizers, keeping minerals in water for soil infiltrating to reduce hardness from the surface.

Advantages of Cosmic Water Hardness conditioner

  • Does not require any kind of electricity or chemicals leading to cost savings
  • Increases the water absorption capacity in roots leading to healthier plants
  • Increase in yield up to 40% to 50%
  • Maintains PH balance in the water
  • Improves the life and durability of agricultural tools
  • Reduces the water consumption and improves the soil fertility 
  • Improves the carbon level and decomposition process of soil
  • Prevents salt formation in water Pipes & Taps, reducing maintenance and replacement costs
  • Protects the soil health and improves the yield of the farm
  • Zero maintenance with no side effects
  • Improves the quality and fat content in the milk
  • Improves the health and digestion process in the Birds & animals, yielding healthier livestock and more money