About The Cosmic Water Conditioner

Established in the year 1994 by Mr. Shankar Nagali, Cosmic Micro Systems Pvt. Ltd. has grown exponentially owing to its innovative approach in treating of hard water through a patented water conditioner. We have discovered a patented two-pronged approach in treating hard water which is a combination of water structuring and magnetic technology. This technology is used in the manufacturing of our water softener that takes care of the hard water without giving you the hardship of maintaining the water softener; which is an integral part of the traditional water conditioner or water softener. Like water, electricity is another aspect that affects society directly. We have addressed this sector by providing Power conditioning and backup equipment like Home UPS, Online UPS, Servo stabilizers, and Frequency Converters to Solar Inverters. Our business has received an ISO9001:2015 certification which speaks volumes about the international practices and systems that we follow.


Our Core Values

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Who we are

We are team of highly successful entrepreneurs and technologist in the field of Clean and Soft water

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Our Vision

To fulfill the ever demanding Clean and soft water needs in India.

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Our Mission

Cosmic strives to define, manufacture and deliver world class innovative products

Amazing Customer Service

We have built a foundation of success by offering highly competitive prices and amazing customer service. Word of mouth is the key to our success with most customers referring neighbors, friends

Quality Control

We are ISO 9001 2015 Company, We build, assemble and package our water conditioner systems here in Bangalore so we can control all aspects from manufacturing to packaging and shipping.